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Meet Jim

B.B.A (Accounting), NUS Business School

Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner 

PropNex Realty Pte Ltd (L3008022J)

CEA Reg. No.: R056107C

“Jim offered great support throughout the transaction. Buying for investment, he was also convincing with his financial analysis, using numbers to explain why it was a good purchase. Highly recommended!”

— Derrick

“Jim is very professional and responsive. He listens and is sensitive to clients’ needs and wants. He provided us excellent customer service and it’s a relief to have a good agent you can trust. We are very happy with the service he has rendered.”

— Ann

Holding a stable job in a corporate MNC, Jim joined the Real Estate industry by chance when he was 26 years old. Despite enduring a testing 3 months with zero sales and income, he quickly established himself as a mature and knowledgeable professional within 2 years. 

Looking back, the turning point came when he was about to close his first 5-figure commission deal. It was a day he would never forget. Having set an appointment to finalize proceedings with his client, a sure close became dreaded uncertainty when the client took a glance at the contract and said, “Sorry, I need more time to think about this.” 

Jim then realised that he had been so obsessed with closing the sale for his own benefit, that he forgot the most important thing about being a real estate agent. And that is adding massive value to his clients, and helping them make the best housing decision possible.

Thankfully, Jim remembered this at the last possible instance, and managed to close his first ever sale by explaining how this transaction can add value to his client's property portfolio.

From that point on, Jim never looked back. Within 2 short years, this “adding value first” approach has propelled his career forward at blinding speed.

Now, in Propnex, the largest public listed Real Estate firm in Singapore, Jim looks forward to continue value adding his client's real estate decisions with the highest level of quality and professionalism, as well as ethically sound practices without compromise.